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If you are a minor, (under the age of 18 in Oklahoma) you can consent to an HIV or STI test without a parent or guardian (§63-1-532.1). H.O.P.E. can offer HIV and STI testing to anyone age 12 and above. H.O.P.E. also offers free safer sex supplies such as condoms (internal and external) and lube.

If you come to H.O.P.E. for testing, we will not inform your parents or guardians. This is not the case with all testing options open to you. You should always check the confidentiality practices of any HIV and STI service or physician. Before you get testing services ask, “If I get services here, will you tell my parents or anyone else?

Check out our partners at Thrive OKC who have put together this helpful resource guide with more information on your privacy rights.

Even more questions about your rights as a minor? Check out this helpful information brochure from our partners at Amplify.

While H.O.P.E. also offers Hepatitis C testing, because Hepatitis C is not a sexually transmitted infection, we cannot test a minor without parental or guardian consent.


What do you need to know about STI/STD rates and youth?

According to the CDC, in 2020, over half (53%) of reported cases of STI/STDs were among adolescents and young adults aged 15–24 years.

Additionally, “approximately 21% of all new HIV diagnoses are among young people aged 13–24 years” (CDC).

Sexual health education has been shown to positively impact student health and decrease the risk of getting an STI by:

  • delaying initiation of sexual intercourse
  • reducing the number of sexual partners
  • reducing encounters of unprotected sex
  • increasing use of condoms that helps decrease getting an STI (CDC).

Do you have questions about HIV, STIs, or your sexual health? You can call H.O.P.E.’s hotline at 918-749-9378 (for Spanish, call 918-749-8389). We also have Live Chat if you want to send us your questions via chat.

Did you know that you can invite H.O.P.E. to come to your school and present information about HIV and STIs? If your school would like to invite H.O.P.E., please fill out the form on our education programs page.

Video Resources

Check out these videos from Amaze about HIV and STIs:

Parent Resources

Are you a parent looking for info about how to talk to your teen about sexual health? Check out these resources:

STD Testing: Information for Parents of Adolescents | CDC

Talking with Your Teens about Sex: Going Beyond “the Talk” | CDC

App for Parents: The SAHM App – THRIVE | SAHM

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