Samantha Y.
Education Coordinator
Libra Sun

Hey y’all! I’m Sam. I’ve been with H.O.P.E. for over 13 years. I started here as an AmeriCorps member after graduating from University of Tulsa.

I love doing outreach because it allows me to meet and find people that might not have other access to testing. I encourage people who want to dig deeper and learn about the work to volunteer with your local harm reduction agency or STI clinic.

It’s important to remember that ANYONE can get an STI, so it is important to know your status.

My favorite spot in Tulsa:
My dad’s patio.

My go-to karaoke song:
Usually something 90s country or Tegan and Sara.

If I were another animal, I would be:
Something that swims well. I am not a proficient swimmer so I’d love to have a natural inclination for that.