Jen S.
Clinic & Outreach Specialist
Taurus Sun/Aries Moon/Gemini Rising

Hi! I’m Jen! I started hanging out with H.O.P.E. as a volunteer in 2019, took a covid break, and am so thrilled to be back as part of the staff!

I work in harm reduction because I have a personal relationship with the work and have used harm reduction services in other cities. Most of us want to stay safe even when we know we’re doing something risky, and I wanted to help people do that.

When it comes to STI info, I want people to know that having an STI increases their risk of contracting HIV through sex.

Some of my favorite resources to share are:
Definitely check out the National Harm Reduction Coalition and The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance for more information on harm reduction as a movement.

For fact sheets and information on STI prevention and education I’d check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What I do in my spare time:
I love hanging with friends and family. Any spare time I have is generally spent relaxing with them. I also enjoy reading and knitting or crocheting.

My favorite spots in Tulsa are:
I enjoy any spot where a friend is playing a show, but until things are safe again my main spots are scenic drives like Reservoir Hill, Avery Drive, the refinery, 36th St N, the airport.

My go-to karaoke song:
I’ve never actually done karaoke, but I’d love to take a stab at Meat Loaf’s ”Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”