Cloud P.
Program Director
Taurus Sun

Hey comrades! I’m Cloud. I have been with H.O.P.E. for over a decade now. What has kept me in the work, you ask? I have always been a civic-minded person with a strong desire to help those who are in need.

In our part of the country, there is a severe lack of education surrounding safer sexual practices and safer drug using practices. Some young people were fortunate enough to have American Red Cross trained peer educators within their school systems, but many young people have only had exposure to abstinence only sexual education and virtually no genuine harm reduction education for recreational substances.

As a result, many of our community members contract extremely preventable diseases that can have serious complications, ranging from simple phlebitis to death.

Working with H.O.P.E. has given me the privilege to help many people increase their knowledge and understanding of harm reduction and in doing so we are able to not only improve health outcomes for our clients, but we are able to help to provide individuals with the tools to improve their overall quality of life.

My favorite thing about outreach is that it gives me the opportunity to provide laboratory services to individuals that might have no other means to access basic sexual health screenings.

I want people to know that most people at some point in their life will have an STI and that engaging in consensual sex is nothing to be ashamed of.

My favorite spot in Tulsa:
My home. I am an extremely introverted person and my present position with H.O.P.E. keeps me interacting with coworkers and the public very frequently. In my spare time, I enjoy being alone.

My nicknames/other aliases:
My mother has always called me Buddy and my father calls me Stick. Individuals regularly mishear my name and assume I introduced myself as Claude, so many of my coworkers address me as Claude.